The best path?

I have never really leveraged the Internet. Oh sure, I have had a webpage (several actually), used email, posted a few videos, etc. But in general I avoid Social Media, prior to the creation δroplets did not even have a mailing list, etc.

Additionally, it is not rare for me to spend hours, days even, crafting an email of substance. I do not regret this time spent, but am pained that the oft-times interesting ideas and perspectives contained within such missive trails (generated from my side, the recipient's, usually both), once interchange is "complete", basically vanish. (Other than of course living within me and the recipient. But even for us, over time the memory fades and we cannot recall the ideas and feelings shared.)

So, to allow the work to have broader impact and longer duration, I have decided, in select cases where it seems "worth it" and does not violate the , to make such communications public.

Additional gains from this choice include promotion of the missive's content (particularly if the person to whom I am writing is well known, but regardless), the ability to have , the option to add updates and edits over time, etc.

A not-insignificant number of these communications are sent to invdividuals that do not even know me, and thus may never even be read, or if read, never responded to. Thus another reason to make them public is to ensure their "existential" value will be greater-than zero regardless. Also, 3rd parties might read and, if friends of the intended recipient, mention to same if they feel the communication might be of interest.

(To locate all such missives, simply go to Search and Filter area of δroplets homepage, and restrict the "Individuals: Communications & Mentions" to have value between 8 and 10. Note: As of this writing, 2024-05-06, there is only one entry — that for Lex Fridman.)