This page contains links to local and offsite (e.g., at ) content useful in "grounding" the rest of blog, as well as diverse δroplets highlights.

Key Content Located .

Includes links to Affectionate Technology paper, Feminist Engineering monograph, and fun Choreographed Dancing Artworks!


(Life perspectives that, on a good day..., I try to follow.)

(Published in both computer science and art contexts, circa 1990. A fun easy read and core backdrop to much of my work.)

(Short add-on to Affectionate Technology paper above — and once my title on a long-ago business card...)

(Provides additional history and context, including my bio. Also includes whitepapers related to museum exhibit design work.)

(Lots of potential interest, including listing of high-tech art/artists, self-help, humor, and more.)

(Not particularly interesting; including just for completeness, noting that I mostly avoid social media.)


(If you are interested in interactive exhibits and dancing science-artworks.)

(If you are interested in choreographing physical dancing artworks using commercial screen animation tools.)

(A little video on Time; a fun lunch break.)

(A little air-powered vehicle we built in 2005 to convince ourselves such a vehicle could go directly upwind. (We only learned about years later.))

δroplets Highlights.

Includes links to interactive visualizations of psychosocial phenomena, single page summary of select key ideas, and more.

13x19 "Page of Ideas"

(Briefly summarizes select primarily "techie" concepts of particular interest to me, and their potential utility within and outside their native fields.)

Visualizations of Psychosocial Dynamics.

(Includes static illustrations, short videos, and most interestingly, emotionally-focused interactive dynamic system simulations whose parameters you can play with. Clicking will deposit you on δroplets homepage search area with filter controls preset appropriately.)

Why thanks to Lex Fridman

(Included in Highlights section because page provides significant orienting information across diverse areas — as well of course as answering the question of why Lex.)


Includes a mixture of key pages that will be continually updated, and "administrative" items included primarily for completeness.

"Now" page

(What I am doing now, à la Derek Sivers initiative.)

Personal Reminiscences

(Incidents I wanted to record "for posterity" — and because a good fraction are pretty funny. Page will be periodically updated.)

Why I am Making Select “Personal” Communications Public.

(Explains this choice, contrasted with just emailing.)