(Reflections and creations of an artist, engineer, and secular humanist.)

In offering δroplets, my nascent initiative, I wish to thank:

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(δroplets Content & Context: Physics to Faux Pas, Self-Help to Stand-up, Visualizations to Vulnerability.)


Thank you for coming to visit — I am honored. The form of content you will find following ranges from the written word to interactive visualizations of psychosocial phenomena. I hope you find elements of value.


In the late 1980s, when I first formed my little science-art-education design workshop TechnoFrolics, I was operating from a relatively aerial perch, considering broad issues at the intersection of technology, art, psychology, and culture. This suited me well. Over the decades however, daily realities dragged me more and more into the technical and business "weeds". δroplets is, in significant part, a way to periodically "return to the tree tops" — a place I find calming and engaging, and where I believe I .


From Physics to Faux Pas, Self-Help to Stand-up, Visualizations to Vulnerability, δroplets will attempt to weave connections between diverse threads of thought, feeling, relationship, and experience. Posts will be as likely to address relationships, self-talk, and mindfulness, as science & math, AI, STEAM education, exhibit design, and entrepreneurship. Also included will be select, often funny (sometimes in a painful sort of way...) personal anecdotes — such as a so embarrassingly botched as to make anything you may have done likely pale in comparison.

One certain-to-appear thread will be that of treating ideas and feelings with equal respect, considering both first-class citizens — and worthy of deep integration.  In that general spirit, I plan to to offer of psychological, cognitive, and relationship issues. Wherever practical, I plan to make these visualizations interactive — if not initially, then eventually.

Extending this general theme: There are many that, for apparently cultural reasons, remain "trapped" within the walls of their and closely-related fields. Since I think these ideas have great utility and application to many non-techie areas, I intend to free them.


Please be sure to check out the δroplets Sign-up section below, which includes a (true) short story, one that continues to make me smile many years after the event.

PS: Who am I anyway?

For those of you who don't know me, particularly given the "Wild West" nature of the Internet, and the fact that some of the ideas I present will likely be perceived as "unusual", it may be helpful to provide some bona fides. In that regard may I offer the following:

  • A client list that spans 35+ years and 5 continents, and includes scores of major science museums, MIT and Tufts University, the Olympics, and several Fortune 500 companies.
  • A bio that includes being a on an grant, the recipient of several patents, being honored as one of the "50 Top Creatives and Technologists" by StudioDaily at the National Conference, and 34+ year math tutor at the Harvard University Extension School.
  • :
    • Rosalind Picard, MIT Media Lab, Professor of Media Arts and Sciences.
    • Sharon Rupe (Handy), Hands On! Inc., Science and Children's Museum Master Planning Group, Senior Project Manager.
    • Ted Tsomides Co Harvard Extension School Math Teacher, MD Harvard PhD MIT.

(N.B. The above in no way confirms I am not a lunatic, but hopefully suggests that at least I am not simply a lunatic.)

(Tables of contents, guide to filtering and searching, optimal screen size, etc.)


(δroplets is liberally filled with hover popups, often containing substantial key info.)

When I first started writing in my long-ago youth, I had so many ancillary thoughts/caveats that my writing was an aggregation of nested parentheses; it was rather unreadable. I have now "matured" and replaced nested parentheses with Hover (nested Hover even). Content contained in such Hover popups is not infrequently as important as the core content, may contain links of interest, etc.

Hover content is indicated by a (⇐ check it out — fun "easter egg" in 2nd level popup). In particular, hovering over Post titles will popup up icon thumbnail as well as rating values for all range sliders listed below.

Screen Size

(While δroplets is generally mobile-friendly, there are a number of places where a full-size screen is required.)

While in my view all contents is most enjoyably viewed on a large screen, there are certain posts — particularly and specifically, most interactive simulations — where a large screen is essentially a requirement. (While these pages will technically run on small screen mobile devices, the experience is so sub-optimal that I discourage even bothering. If nevertheless you do choose to peruse on your phone, at a minimum orienting your phone in landscape mode is recommended.)

Pages/posts where a large screen is indicated are identified by the icon Large Screen Recommended

Interactive Layering of Content

(Will do my best to help the reader avoid overwhelm — and guilt.)

I think layering of information is incredible important. Yet so few contexts do it well. When the medium was paper and the printed word, there was an excuse. With interactive websites, there really is .

I am not yet certain how frequently I am going to implement interactive layering, but am defintely going to make an effort. My first live example may be found here (and this homepage also evidences layering).

Personal note: I often feel "guilty" when I fail to completely read a newsletter, article, book, etc. It is just too much work to extract the few salient ideas from a lengthy tome. And even when there is a nice bullet-point summary, it is too often at the rather than at the beginning, ... I am going to try and avoid dragging you through a similar experience.

Icons and Their Meaning

(What the Lake, Stream, and Droplet Clock thumbnails signify.)

Each post will be tagged by one or more of the three icons here. Their associated check-boxes in Post area below are one way of filtering content.


small lake video icon

Indicates long(ish)-form posts.


small stream video icon

Indicates shorter musings, humorous cartoons, brief reminiscences, quotes, content updates, and the like.


small stream video icon

Indicates items with time-sensitivity — opportunities, events, etc.

Blue Post Titles

(Means item is a blog "administrative meta post".)

A post's title being blue means its focus is the blog itself, offering navigation tools, discussing why the blog is structured the way it is, etc.

Tables of Contents

(Links to navigation page(s), on which are selected, annotated links to key items absent from the dated Post list/search/filter section below, and .)

Key Links: Background and Highlights

(Links to "Affectionate Technology" Paper, TechnoFrolics Dancing Artworks, and more.)

Search and Filter

(Searching and filtering functionality and usage guide.)

δroplets offers sophisticated search and filter capabilities. Each post is given a rating 0-10 for the attributes having associated range sliders in the sidebar below. More explanation is provided in that sidebar, including informative popups whose appearance is triggered by hovering over any item with a dotted underline beneath it.

For example, to see highly recommended, visually rich, self-help oriented posts: Set "|RECOMMENDED|” to span 8-10, "Self-Help / Psychology / Philosophy" to also span 8-10, and check off "Significant Visuals".
(Click to automatically clear any previous customizations and then set the two sliders and checkbox to their above-described values.)

To go to actual post, simply click on its title or the "read more" link. (On mobile devices, because of how popups work in liew of hover, you may have to click title twice.)

To remove all filtering and specialized sorting, simply click "Reset All" button.

Note that the number of posts with a given Catgegory or Tag, as shown via the suffix "(n)", is context dependent. In other words, if (say) you check off the "Admin:" Category, then the "Significant Visuals (n)" entry will have "n" go to 0.


(Includes discussion of Comments, Social Media, etc.)


I have disabled comments for several reasons:

  • Many of the blogs I like best have them disabled (James Clear, Mark Manson, The Marginalian). I find the reduced clutter most relaxing.
  • I would be unlikely to have time to read all the comments — let alone thoughtfully respond to them — and would invariably feel badly about that...
  • If I eventually enable comments, I plan to do so within a context that requires poster to include their personal context/framing for the comment.*
    * To adhere to this same structure: My reasons for starting δroplets include — (a) There are certain ideas I share that I don't want to die with me. (b) I hope to form a readership that is both personally rewarding and commercially useful. (c) I hope some of what I offer will prove of emotional and practical use to readers. (d) As mentioned in the intro above, I want to spend more time "In The Treetops" and less "In The Weeds".

All the above should not be interpreted as discouraging contact — quite the contrary, I welcome connection and feedback.


I do not in general engage with social media platforms — they have 1000X more information than I could possibly absorb, as well as too much unwanted clutter to filter out. (More detail may be found here.)


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This is my “Now” page, .

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Lake of Reflections Large Screen Recommended

Intimacy — The dance of distance.

Visualization highlighting the dramatic impact of even small differences in desired level of closeness. (The 1st in a series of interactive simulations of psychosocial phenomena.)

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Lake of Reflections

Lake of Reflections

Context and Clutter.

Two little videos (just 6 secs and 4 secs long) highlighting the importance of context and clutter.

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Lake of Reflections Large Screen Recommended

What do you notice in the world?

A little video highlighting that attention matters. (Not great — intend to create better — but just 14 seconds long, so not a lot of your time.)

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Lake of Reflections

Lake of Reflections

Lake of Reflections Large Screen Recommended

Lake of Reflections

Welcome! (Included here, even though you are on this very page, in order to include homepage contents in search and filter results.)

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My long-time significant other, lovingly but quite seriously, at one point entreated me:

Please, please behave in a way that I can continue to pretend you're normal.

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My long-time significant other, lovingly but quite seriously, at one point entreated me:
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