Welcome! Here you will find writings ranging from a visionary paper on art and technology published circa 1990, to (eventually) unique perspectives on math and physics, description of a Zoom meeting so embarrasingly botched as to make anything you may have done likely pale in comparison, and everything in between.

My longtime Significant Other once said to me "Please, please behave in a way that will allow me to continue to pretend you're normal." Similarly to her words, "Please, please sign up for my once-every-millenia mailing list, in order to allow me to pretend I have a real audience."

I believe context is critical to understanding generally, and in that spirit offer the following as brief preamble to my later words:

 - My activities and orientation typically combine element of artist, engineer, entrepreneur, educator, comic, and secular humanist.

 - I find science and technology amazingly cool, but too often experience its research and development environments as infused with a progress-hindering level of psychological naivete.

 - I honor feelings - possibly above all else.

 - Feel that Going Meta, and actively employing Abstraction Levels, are both helpful in many day-to-day activities and relationships — not just academia, philosophy, and computer science.

 - I think the quantity of “truth” out there is for all practical purposes infinite, and thus one needs to take personal responsibility for what one choosed to focus on.

 - I believe humor, play, art, and love matter.

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