(Courtesy DavidDurlach.com)

Windows Credential Manager not displaying "Show" button to right of Password field. (Last updated 2022-08-03.)

There are (unfortunately...) times where one has embarrasingly forgotten one's password for something or other. Sometimes, those passwords are stored in the Windows Credentials data area. The Internet abounds with directions indicating to just go Windows Credential Manager and click the "Show" button to the right of the stored password field. Here for example, you can see one such set of directions, along with screen captures. (Sidenote: This link provides an additional helpful utility from Nirsoft beyond the one I discuss below.)

The problem is that, on not a single Windows 10 or 11 PC I tested, does the "Show" button actually present itself... Some postings suggest such absence is because the Windows User login is without password and/or has auto-login enabled; neither applied to the machines in question. I found I was not alone in this problem, and eventually found someone suggesting use of CredentialsFileView from Nir Sofer (a guy who provides tons of highly useful, free utilities). This just worked! (The particular version I used was "credentialsfileview-x64.zip" on a Windows 10 64 bit machine.)

I offer this in case it proves of use to others in the same position. (If it does help you, please let me know. I am curious as to whether the time to post these tech-tidbits is worth it...)