Case Study - Emulate.Energy: "Virtual Battery" Explanation

In this case study, a first-draft explanation of Emulate.Energy's "Virtual Battery" concept was created by reviewing their website, pondering for a few hours, and articulating the result in the form of the slideshow presented here. This was done independently, without assistance or guidance from Emulate.Energy personnel.

This provides an example of taking an abstract technical concept and converting it into concrete, readily understandable form.

"I absolutely love it ... once we start commercializing things and need to start educating residents something like this would be super helpful." Emulate.Energy co-founder Shwan Lamei

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Below images are webpage snapshot 2021-04-29 from Emulate Energy's website (with permission), upon which above slide presentation was based.

Emulate Energy: Homepage Emulate Energy: What We Do Emulate Energy: How It Works Emulate Energy: Get To Know Us